My child is 22"

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I just don't know how to deal with this as my son has just been told by the G.P that his Rheumatoid factor has come back positive.
I am really gutted about this as i had juvenile Chronic Arthritis when i was aged 11" & it has never left me and im now dreading what my son may have to go though is there anyone out there who has a child/adult about this age that had been diagnosed .xxx


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    Oh dear, I am so, so sorry. There is a genetic factor to all this and it looks as though your lad has hit the wrong sort of jackpot. Both my parents had parents with auto-immune troubles, on my Ma's side it was asthma and eczema and on Pa's psoriasis. They dodged it all, I didn't. :roll: At least you are well-placed to help your boy (once the initial shock has eased) as you no doubt have a very good understanding of what this is like, and he, having lived with you, will also be aware of how things may turn out. His arthritis will be unique to him and I hope that he soon begins some meds to bring things under better control. I am thinking of you both and once again I am so sorry this has happened. DD
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