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Hello again. Well I had my steroid injections in my wrists a week ago.I don't think it's worked on my right hand. The middle finger is still giving me trouble and I'm now getting pain at the base of it going into my palm. I'm still taking 8 pain killers a day, brufen and hydroxy and yesterday I started taking Sulpha. Hey ho! Still struggling to come to terms with all this. One day at a time!


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    Hi I've had steriod injections in both my wrists 3 years ago. When the doctor at the hospital did them he said it may get worse before it got better and to give it 2 weeks then I had them done a second time! It didn't really get worse, but it did get better after a few days I noticed the difference. So don't give up hope quite yet! :wink:
    Love Suexxx
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    One day at a time indeed, judyc. I hope the other wrist does improve with time but, if not, as woodbon says, a second jab might help.

    You will come to to terms with it all. It's a lot to get to grips with at first.
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    Hi Judy
    Has Sue said the pain can get worse before it gets better, my hip has taken a couple of weeks, I do hope they start to work for you, please let us know how you get on x
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    I've never had much joy from the steroid injections Judyc, but I am aware that they can take while to kick in so please don't give up hope yet! I hope the sulph helps sooner rather than later and that you feel a little better/brighter soon. Take care. DD
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    Hi Judy

    l am sorry so far no good with the steroid jab in the one hand, but am l right the other HAS worked?? I do hope so.

    I also hope that the sulfa works ASAP and really well for you.

    As for getting your head around it all....that takes time and l think you are doing really well.

    Love and ((()))

    Toni xxx
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    Hi Judy

    Got my fingers crossed that your other wrist improves soon :)

    Take care
    Juliepf x

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