Shoulder Replacement Operation "Help"

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My Mother needs a Shoulder Replacement Operation - we have looked at several web sites but they are mainly for Knee or Hip replacements. We have gathered quite a lot of information regarding the operation its self but what my Mother would like to is to contact someone who has experienced this operation.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who can help. Thank You


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    Hello dawnm and welcome to the forum. Shoulder replacements aren't as common as knees or hips but I think there's been the odd forum member who's had one. If you enter 'shoulder replacement' in the search engine at the top right of the page some stuff does come up. You can try PMing the people involved but it might be that they no longer come here - as everything's now working so well. :)

    P.S. When the Helpline people are back, on Monday, they might have some info.
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    Hi dawnm
    Haven't had a shoulder replacement (had a new ankle),but a friend of mine had a shoulder replacement when in her late 70's some 5 years ago.Prior to this she could barely lift her arm,now she can swing her arm round with no problem or pain.The improvement is dramatic!
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    Hello Dawnm
    Sorry I cant help, but I do hope your mum can come on here then we can support her, suppose it would be painful if she is waiting for a shoulder op.
    But I do wish her well with it all, please let us know how she gets on. xx
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    Hello dawnm

    sorry I can not help either but I would like to wish your mum all the best and when she has the op a speedy recovery.

    Love Juliepf x
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    Hi Dawn

    What a lovely daughter you are to be finding out on the net about shoulder replacements and other people's experiences with this particular op.

    I also know of someone who had a shoulder op and was so pleased with the result.

    Should your mum decide to go forward with the op I wish her well.

    Elna x
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    Hi Dawn,

    A welcome from me as well and as the others say its kind of you to try and find out for your mum.

    I know someone here had one done and maybe they will see this and say for you. As Sticky said shoulders are not as common but mot replacements follow a similar recovery time and program.

    It can only help your mum and I am sure they will take good care of her. They maybe could explain it all a bit better next time you see them if you go with her?

    I also think this would be better over on the Living with site as more people will see it there and maybe the mods could move if for you?

    Hope you can get some good answers and its worth phoning the helplines (number at the top of the page on the front of the forum, as they will have a lot of answers for you.

    Nice to meet you and hope it will all go well. Cris x
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    Good idea Cris,

    Topic moved to LWA, but shadow left in CC so as not to confuse too much :P

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    SarahThornton, one of our "younger" members mentioned she had had a shoulder operation but she never said how it went so presumably it went very well. :D She did go in for a TKR and asked advice about that op and mentioned how well she had got on post op. She has not been on the forum for a goodly time now. :)

    Shoulder replacement does not appear to be an op talked much about on this forum for whatever reasons .......

    Elna x
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    Hi Dawnm

    Yes about three years ago I had a hemiarthroplasty of the shoulder and it was a success. I can't get my arm right up in the air but the pain has completely gone.

    Hope this helps.
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    I had a shoulder replacement operation in Bournemouth in February 2011.
    Before the operation I was in serious pain from my shoulder, I couldn't lift my arm up past about elbow height and couldnt lift anything etc.
    The operation lasts a couple of hours with a general anaesthetic, I was awake and sitting up after a few hours . I had it done on Wednesday and was home on Friday.
    After the operation u cant use the arm at all for a few weeks, and will be wearing a sling 24/7. I needed help with washing , dressing and toileting as I had my right arm done and am right handed. After a couple of weeks it improved enormously and I started to feel a lot better,
    I was driving after 6 weeks and gradually got back to normal.
    Its now just over a year since I had it done and I must say it was well worth it. It was painful to start with but if you take your medication that will help.
    All in all it is a great success and I would recommend anyone in my position to have it done.
    I hope this helps :roll:
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    Hi Carol,

    glad its all gone so well for you and its good to know as my shoulders are fairly trashed now so it gives hope. Hope you get many years shoulder pain free. Cris x