I played football today.

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Hi everybody.

I'm a little bit excited, I played football today for the first time in about 7months although it was only ten minutes I still really enjoyed myself,
The last few days I have been feeling a lot better and I can only pit it down to the warmer weather and also the steroid tablets I am on at the moment.
I have been taking prednisolone because I had very bad Photosensitivity, and I feel so much better. I haven't been taking my sulfasalazine whilst I am taking these.
Does anybody know if I will be able to keep taking the prednisolone if I told the doctor how much better I have been feeling.
I am due to stop taking it in 3days time.
Although I am now a little stiff and sore I feel so happy that I have played football I didn't think I would play again.

I am also scared about taking the sulfasalazine again as it makes me terrible since I have been on it I have had laryngitis and tonsillitis.



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    Hey, congratulations, Darwin. I bet it felt fantastic. It always makes me feel good if I can achieve something that had seemed lost.

    Can you keep taking the pred? Well, yes, possibly. But, before you do, I suggest you read phoenixe's thread lower down the page on Long Term Steroid Use. You might, or might not, want to run with it.
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    That must have been great for you Darwin to be able to play footie, even it if was not for long. You must have felt on top of the world. :D

    I have a friend who has had RA for years and has been on pred for a long time and felt incredibly well and with so much energy and a very full life, both at work and socially. She had the moon face and the struggle with weight which comes with it. She asked her doc about it and he said, on the low daily dosage you are on, it is ok for you to continue long term with the pred. Would you prefer to feel well and be a little overweight or lose weight and feel unwell? She chose to stay on it.

    Discuss this with your doc/rheumy as he knows you/your history and see what he thinks.

    Elna x
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    That must have been a fantastic feeling.......sorry I cant answer your question about the pred.
    Take care and good luck ...hope the doc tells you what you want to here :D

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    Hey Darwin that is great news,

    I am pleased you feel so much better.

    As for staying on pred I would discuss it with your gp/rhummy thoroughly.

    juliepf x
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    Congratulations Darwin :D

    l am sop glad you had such a great time.

    As for the oral steroids....a discussion which often takes place on here.

    It is very hard to say whether the doc/rheumy will let you stay on them as they do have several downside. Elna mentioned two the 'moon face' and the weight gain, but osteoporosis is another.

    There are people on here who have been on low 'maintenance' doses for a long long time yes, but they also take meds to prevent things like osteoporosis too :?

    I hope you are due to 'see' someone in the 3 days so you can discuss what happens next.


    Toni xx
  • Darwin
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for all of your replies. To be honest I have been struggling quite a bit since playing on Saturday I still think it was worth it as I was feeling ok and really enjoyed myself because I had not played for ages.
    I have spoke to my rheumatologist today and he said to give the sulfasalazine one more go and to start on the lowest dose again.
    He also said that if I start feeling really bad again that I can get a steroid jab.

    Thanks again Darwin. X
  • stickywicket
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    That sounds like a plan and I very much hope it works for you.

    And, if the footie made you feel you'd achieved something and you still don't regret it despite the payback, I'd call that success.
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    Well Done Darwin!
    May it long continue & good luck with the meds. :)

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