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Hope all is well with everyone :wink:

Does anyone else bruise easily? I'm finding, just in the last few days, when I bang a bit of my body it hurts more than it would normally and then I'm left with a bruise. My knuckle is all swollen and blue from banging it slightly on a cupboard.

Magenta x


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    Hi Magenta
    i did bruise easily when i was on the steroids, maybe your meds are affecting you, sorry cant be more help. Jane
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    Hi Eileen

    a friend of mine bruised really badly a bit back and she couldn't even remember what she had done half the time!

    She was on tramadol and lanzoprazole/omeprazole and the GP did say it was likley her meds, but l dont know which sorry :oops:


    Toni xxx
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    Hi Eileen,

    It could be a result of some of the drugs so worth getting it checked out my friend.

    I am luciky... I just don't bruise... no blood and bad circulation has its advantages at times :lol:

    I do swell from silly things but the bruising... please just run it past your gp. ((((( ))))) and a cuppa Cris xx
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    I bruise all the time, even without banging myself and I think the sulph is the culprit. To be honest I don't even notice it now. I have bloods done regularly and I was recently told to up the FA to three times per week, maybe that is why. I must admit I wasn't curious enough to ask! :) If you are concerned then tell your GP the next time you see him/her. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi there :D

    I too bruise really easily, even in the childhood my brothers used to call me 'apple' because of the bruising... lol.... :D

    As eveyone else mentioned it could be your meds...??
    But - If your still worried see your GP - they can run blood tests, to check things out...

    My bloods checked out OK - probably medication - just one of those things... :roll:

    Have a sunny Sunday xx
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    Hi , Eileen , I am always covered in bruises too and have been since childhood . When small , my poor parents were blamed and as I grew older my doctors always quizzed me as to whether boyfriends were violent ! So many bruises nowadays that it's just accepted as part of who I am . Jillyb
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    I bruise easily, especially my legs, but I put it down to my age. I do know you're not in your dotage like me Magenta :wink: so I'd check with the doc if you're worried.

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    no more than usual ,always been clumsy ......keep arnica jell aply as soon as it does seem to stop or reduce bruise...Marrianne ,
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    Hi Magenta
    I have been bruising really easily in the last couple of month, you go and have your bloods checked, my blood count was love due to taking omeprazole, I was shocked to think that this stomach protector could do this, but its the best of two evils, I have to have them checked regular for the next few months..
    So go and see your GP....and please let us know how you get on..x
  • magenta
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    Thanks everyone for your replies.

    I assumed it was just 'another' thing associated with the arthritis. I've been on Omeprazole for years and years-do you think it could now be the culprit? Next time I'm at the drs, I'll mention it to him.


    Magenta xx
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    Hi magenta, I bruise really easy and I'm not on steroids, my legs and arms have bruises on them and I can't remember where half of them come from!! When I'm getting dressed of a morning or undressed at night I will find a new one, some stand out in your face others are light. I think it's just another thing Arther likes to give us as a reminder!! :roll:

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