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Hpoe you can help.on my box of dicofenac it says gastro-resistant tablets? thought they were just ibuprofen?.At the moment i am taking Lansoprazole lots of acid in tummy these also are gastro resistant? really dont understand the dicofenac saying that on yhe box. Many Thanks Paddy w


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    Dear Paddy,

    Welcome to Chat to Helplines. Hope I can help with this - and do show your diclofenac etc to a pharmacist for the last word and be on the safe side. I bet some other forum members will be able to offer some experiences on this too.

    Some tablets are coated to protect the stomach as they go down and that's not the same as the lansoprazole (which is a proton pump inhibitor PPI) that protects against too much acidity.

    Some anti inflammatories are slow release which can help protect the stomach too.

    And some brand names of anti inflammatory have the stomach protector (PPI) built in.

    Your pharmacist can help you be certain about what kind of diclofenac you've got there.

    If you'd like some of our information on self managing your arthritis you can private message us your name and address and we'll post them to you, or you can ring our free phone if you'd like to talk things over.

    I hope that's helpful

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    Dear Guy.Thank-you for your reply ,and i will have a word with the chemist. thank -you once again.Paddy W