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I have noticed that some people have had bone scans.

How does this help to assess the extent of arthritis?

I am asking because I have already had one THR and failed labral repair and compression of the femoral head in other hip. Iam having a knee arthroscopy in June with a view to a PKR or TKR and will need another THR in the autumn ( once knee has been sorted) The consultant says that all my cartilage is very badly degenerated and that he feels this is part of my genetic make up. This is all OA - just had blood tests for RA but tests came back ok.

I also have arthritis in both ankles, wrists, thumbs, elbows and base of my spine - similar pain in jaw but not sure if this is arthritis or not.

In addition I have bursitis in the outside of both thighs - walking is very painful.

I am a primary school teacher - currently non class based - but due to budgetary constraints have been told I will need to be back in the class full time in September.

As I am in constant pain and very fatigued through lack of sleep I am very alarmed by this as I do not feel robust enough for the physical challenge of working with 30 children every day.

I have been told that I need 5-10 days off after arthroscopy and obviosly will need more for further operations.

School is concerned because the insurance company will not pay out when I have my THR as they already paid out for my labral repair and decompression of the same hip. School is making me feel like this is my fault.

I am being rereferred to OH in May for an update to my situation. Would a bone scan help with this or who else can I turn to to explain my situation.

I do feel able to teach groups or individual - just not whole class which is obviously far more rigorous. I have been teaching for 34 years with hardly any time off before this arthritis debacle.

Any ideas on a way forward for me? I am about to apply for my blue badge - my GP and consultant will support the application.

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    Dear Teresa,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. I've got a feeling that if you've already had some orthopaedic surgery and had an implant you may not be able to have an MRI scan because that uses powerful magnets.

    There are some other scans that people do have - the CT scan can show more than an x-ray - soft tissue. There is also a bone density scan, but that's got a different purpose - to see how strong your bones are (related to osteoporosis).

    But if you are considering the value of scans for the purpose of convincing work over the severity of your arthritis and work place adjustments etc it may be that there are other things that might be worth exploring. If you see our booklet 'Working with arthritis'

    it mentions the process of getting workplace assessments, and the role of the organisation Access to work.

    This is the kind of time where the support of a union may be helpful.
    Some people have to pay their NHS specialist and GP to write detailed assessments which go to form evidence which support your assertions if work or the benefits people suggest that your medical evidence is insufficient.

    Do ring us if you'd like some informal support or a chat about how your arthritis is affecting you.

    (Private Message us your name and address if you'd like a pack of information posted to you.)

    I hope that is helpful

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    Many thanks