hi all newly diagnosed and need help

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hi my name is tracey and ive just turned 40, argh, lol, iv ejust bee diagnosed with spondylitis in my neck. also theres a trapped nerve there which is causing problems of its own, lol, also got arthritis in fingers and toes and they get quite painful, have to use a stick constantly now, and need more help doing day to day things, but i try to be upbeat about it all, you have to be dont you, anmyway hopefully i can make some friends on here, and we can have a moan together x


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    Hi Tracey. Welcome. I haven't been on here long. They are a friendly bunch on here and very helpful. There is always someone here to listen.
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    Hello Tracey, it's nice to meet you tho I am sorry you have had to find us. Arthritis at any age is unfair, whether you're two or fifty-two, so we all understand how you feel, believe you me! There is a fair bit of moaning on here (talking to the initiated is always good!) but also some light-hearted stuff too which balances everything out. I look forward to seeing your name here and there and I hope we can offer the support you need. DD
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    Hi Tracy
    pleased to meet you im Jane and havnt been here long im 42 so not much older than you lol the information on here is great x Jane