Working extra hours - a BIG problems - advice please....!

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I work everyday Monday through to Friday in an office... basicly a good team....

:?: :?:

I work 3 half days and 2 FULL days a week (which I can just about manage) although am completely knackered and wiped out afterwards.. sleeping afternoon ect after work...

My problems is:- in our contracts there is a small part which states we need to help cover extra hours 'as & when required' due to other staff holidays and sickness ect....

Before I would not have had a problem with this & helping out, but now.... Crickey there is NO chance... currently I can just about manage to do and maintain my contracted hours... If I had to do extra ie: 2 or 3 full days on the trot I think it would put me in bed for days afterwards.... and knock me for six.... having a very negative effect on my health...

I basicly love my current job & rota hours, and can just about cope - BUT I am already dreadding being asked to work more over the summer...???

Letting work colleagues down... upsets me - and I don't want them thinking I'm not pulling my weight... :(

Has anyone else here, encounted this or similar scenerio's and maybe have any suggestions or help on how to solve this problem.... :?:

Finally -another question - I was off work for 12 weeks - and guess my employers knew the surgery was not small, giving the amount of time I had off - HOWEVER, I have NOT told them "exactly" that I have stage 4 OA in both knees.... I was waiting until I see my consultant again in 2 months time....

freesia :wink:

Any help or advice would be gratefully received xx
hugs freesia xxx


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    Hi Freesia

    Hmmm, not sure how you deal with that contract is much the same :-(
    I currently work 5 full days (generally 7.30 til 4pm) in an office, a very small team of 3.
    In the last 2yrs I have had 3 arthroscopies, for the first 2 i went private as covered by work BUPA and had 1 month off after each surgery. For the third i was advised to go NHS and waited 12 weeks before going private again!

    My dilemma now is that i have just had another month off whilst waiting to see consultant privately........(each time i see my GP he signs me off as unfit to work) ! I now need a TKR and am waiting for work to confirm if i will be paid at full rate, half rate or not at all (as i have been there 5yrs i get 26wks at full pay and 16 at half pay) because the rules are not clear as to whether it is a calendar year, or rolling year calculation! :-(

    like you i would be hard pushed to do any extra hours...........but holiday time is looming and i am ever conscious ofthe time i have had off recently! :-(

    I hope you find a solution

    Julia xx
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    Hopefully your employer will have no objection to you seeking advice from access to work people and they can assess your working conditions such as how much you can do and for how long and your equipment that you are using.

    Why not give them a ring and they will contact your employer and get things started for you. Remember it is your health and you the one that is in pain. Your employer is only interested in making profits for its shareholders and you got to look after yourself first or you will be no good to anyone not even yourself.

    Best of Luck :wink: