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Good evening
Thanks to this forum i applied for dla and got help filling in the forms

Got a telephone call this afternoon from dla to clarify some answers and after this, was told that i have been awarded it, To say i was shocked would be putting it very mildly,

My award was getting processed this afternoon and i will be receiving the letter telling me everything within the next 7 days, the lady says i will be getting the mobility as well as the care component

Just want to say a big thank you for this site, without looking at this and what everyone has put into writing i would never have bothered claiming.


  • JuliaHod12
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    Thats Fab news lily

    I am considering claiming too, but hesitate sinceI've heard all the stories of those refused and those who have had it taken away.

    Julia x
  • liesa
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    good news wish mine would be reinstated... am in mega pain...
  • lily
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    Julia i too was put off claiming as i had heard many horror stories but as ive got a lot worse over the last 14 months i felt i had nothing to lose so decided just to do it and im glad i did, according to the lady who phoned my gp was very supportive...What have you to lose x

    delboy i really hope that my news will encourage people to apply, at the end of the day we all know how we are and how much this condition can change us x

    liesa i hope yours gets reinstated, and i hope you are appealing, i know what you mean about mega pain and i wish you well x

    Thank you x
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    I had help filling in the form too , was awarded it first time. I gave as much information as I could , copies of all hospitale apts , scans & medication . Each time I went to an appointment or any medication changed while DLA application was going through I kept them informed. Just remember when filling it in they ask what can you do or how far can you walk without pain. I think thats the key to it really & how much help you need, if you have any or not. It doesnt matter if you keep repeating the same thing over & over, infact I actually think it helps.
    Good Luck everyone & dont be put off.

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