It's Linda's Birthday

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    Thought I'd post on both threads

    Happy birthday Linda.Have a lovely day!

    E xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    have a lovely birthday
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    Hope you have a lovely day

    Love Juliepf xx
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    Happy Birthday Linda,

    Hope you're being spoiled rotten :wink:

    love Eileen xx
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    Happy birthday smiley-greet003.gifxxx
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    Thank you 'I' and Sticky for this and the other thread and everyone else for contributing, I feel pampered just reading your good wishes!

    My birthday has received a lot of hype this year as it's the same day as the Titanic collided with the iceberg, though I'm not 100 and I also share the day with a 31 year old, it appears! (Hope your daughter had a good day too Julia.) :D

    Yesterday Mr Legs took his wallet and me to Milton Keynes for a shopping spree. Bought a new dress for my niece's wedding next Saturday, nice bra and tights too. A DVD; Water for Elephants, fave perfume (Intuition), pizza tray :roll: and a shirt for himself! We had lunch at Jamie Oliver's Restaurant and when I was virtually on my knees we drove over to our son and partners who cooked dinner for us. We played 'Ludo' :lol::lol: the old games are the best, before coming home and we fell into bed at 12:30 this morning.

    Birthday. My father-i-l called in with a present and then a friend visited and after lunch we went to see our other son who'd baked me a cake! YUM! When we arrived home another friend had posted two small bunches of flowers through the letter box :shock: :shock:

    Mr Legs cooked us steak and chips for dinner with a nice bottle of red and we finished off with coffee and some mini eggs.

    On the downside I've been dogged with toothache for the last month which I'm controlling with painkillers and the dentist says I have to have a molar out :shock: :shock: :shock: I have to face that on Tuesday. But it has been a brilliant birthday and I've now entered my 55th year!!! I am a very lucky girl!

    I'm off to bed now to see if I can sleep through my toothache. Night, night my cyber friends. :D:D

    Love to you all.
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    Hi Linda

    Happy Birthday from the webmanager, Jean123 and all the Mod team!

    Glad to hear you have had a great time so far :P :P

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    Sorry thought i had done this earlyer Happy Birthday. Mig
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    Thanks Mods and Mig ..................and Mig don't worry you're not going daft there are two threads running for me and you wrote on the other one! :wink:


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