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Hello, I am Mike, 21, from Southampton.

I was diagnosed with RA when I was about fourteen, and have had two total hip replacements over the last eighteen months.

I find it's not easy to relate to most people my age a lot of the time any more, and I'd like to chat with others who know what it's like. Also, as I have been through the diagnosis, pain, medication issues, operations and physiotherapy - which I'm still going through! - if anybody has any questions about any of these things, I'd be happy to chat about it.

I hope to speak to you soon!



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    Hi MIKE
    i am fairly new, havnt had any surgery but just thought i would introduce myself and wecome you to the forum, JANE
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    Hi Mike and welcome to the forum.

    Two THRs by the age of 21 is pretty good going - or bad, depending on your point of view. Mine's RA too. I was diagnosed at 15 but only went in for new knees 20 years later and the hips came after that so yours must have been pretty aggressive.

    You'll see we do have a young people's forum but they tend not to hang around as much as us old hands.

    You'll be made very welcome wherever you pop up. Most people come to Living With Arthritis and Chit Chat. I'll look forward to seeing you around.
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    Hi Mike. I'm quite new here too. I have found everyone to be very friendly and helpful.