blood tests, appointments and getting time off work

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anyone else find this a pain?
i work doctors are open 8.30-5.30....i leave home at 8 to get to work for 9 and i get home at 6.
i have frequent blood tests, and the appts are always in working hours.
sometimes i find one of the most annoying parts of this, is having to ask to come in late to work, having times off to go see my rheumy, why can't blood tests be done out of hours?? so annoying


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    I only work part time so am able to arrange most appointments out of work but my boss is very good if I need to pop out to see my GP. The surgery is only a 10 minute walk away. I can see it being very difficult if you are working full time. Surgeries should be able to arrange appointments for later in the day or at weekends.
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    Hi :-)

    I have the same problem as i work 7.30 to 4pm........also if i want to see my GP the same day, I have to phone between 8.30 and am i supposed to do that if i have to wait on the phone to get through?
    I've had to resort to getting my hubby to phone if i need a same day appointment! :-(

    Work are pretty good about alllowing time off for apointments but we are expected to make up the time, harder for me as I dont drive and of hubby isnt around and i need to get the bus it can mean a 1.5hrs round trip for a 10 minute appointment! :-(
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    When I lived in London I had a surgery which offered appointments from 7:30am - 8pm, although not every day. Some days offered earlies, some lates. They also opened for 2-3 hours every Sat morning. Even so - nearly every time I had to get one during my 8:30am - 6pm or my 8:30 - 7:30pm working hours. All Rheumy appointments and hospital tests had to be done during work hours as well.

    I chose Charing Cross Hospital thinking it would be in Charing Cross which was a few tube stops, even walking distance from my Holborn office. Turns out Charing Cross Hospital was in Hammersmith, a 20 min tube ride away. So my cunning plan of being able to nip to the Hospital quickly for appointments and then pop back to work didn't come to fruition.

    My surgery here is 8:30-6pm except it only does that on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri and shuts after 8:30-12 on a Weds which is a massive pain. It doesn't even open on a Saturday to compensate.

    It should be much easier for people to get out of hours tests etc. I'm sure it would help make disabled people more attractive to employers!
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    Hi, it is a pain isn't it getting to appointments. We're really lucky here in Wolverhampton the rheumatology dept do bloodtests from 7.30 am 2 mornings a week for those who work, also my gp has recently started 2 early morning appointment only surgeries from 7.30 am for those who work. It's more convenient but doesn't make the constant blood tests any easier!!!! :roll:

    Hope everyone is having decent weekend.

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    I must be lucky here...

    My surgery does an "out of hour's & abit extra" ie:- an early surgery 7am - 8am on one morning per week and a late till 8pm surgery on one evening per week and every saturday morning... mainly for workers, although in theory anyone can book these appointments..

    It was a government quota thingy started a few years ago.. apparently the surgery gets paid extra allowances for opening and giving extra service... but this only works if the staff are willing to work the extra hours (I know they already work flaming hard as it is)....

    As for blood tests, I know these have to be done at our surgery in the mornings only - as they then get transported to the main Hospital for actual testing at the lab.. therefore thats why afternoon & weekend bloods are not availiable...

    If your really struggling with appointments it "might" be worth checking out other surgeries in your area to see if they offer this service and if you were willing to transfer over...
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    Youre definately not alone on this. I too have a 8.30 -5pm job monday to friday. My previous employer was very easy going about my hospital appointments, i had 6 weekly blood monitoring at the hospital which was 11 miles away from my work. My boss allowed me to leave at 3.15 to get there for the last appointment at 4pm. I used to make the time up when i could as i felt guilty. My new job is different and they were not so easy going. I was unable to leave work late in the afternoon and not return back that day. I had to book an appointment in the middle of the day, leave and then return to work and stay late to make the time up. I was often out of the office for up to two hours for a 5 minute appointment and in the meantime clocking up miles and cost of petrol. i think we should be given this time off as it is a process we need to go through.
    I found it such a pain having the appointments. My hospital told me that i can get my blood monitoring done at my local gp which i now do. i can book the first appointment of the day at 8.10 and be at work for before 9. Still slightly annoying every 6 weeks but better than the previous. I do hope this eases for you.
    M xx

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