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Hi to every 1, i'm a 49 year old women and just found out that i hav ostio in my pelvis, i cant seem to find any info about this as they all seem to be more about the hips knees fingers and toes , i was wondering if any one had any addvise for me as i'm also a full time carer for my 75 year old father. i have a partner who is very surportive but really doesn't understand the pain. My 18 year old daughter who's at college helps whens she home but i still try to do everything myself like i've always done, i must add it really has always been my choice. Just dont know where to turn for advice or information. :( Well i guess thats all for now. Thanks to any one who can help. :wink:


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    Hi Anita, i dont know anything about the pelvis but just thought i would welcome you to the forum i am sure someone else will post soon with the info you need most people hang out on the living with forum so maybe if you post there you will get a quicker reply x Jane
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    Hello Anita. It's lovely to meet you but I'm sorry you had to find us. It can't be at all easy having arthritis and being a full time carer to your father too. Does he require a lot of care? If so, you might be able to get some help for him as well as yourself.

    I'm not too familiar with osteo in the pelvis unless, by that, you mean hips. I haven't heard it mentioned much on here and you might find a call, post or PM to our Helplines would be useful for you.

    If equipment might help, an Occupational Therapist is the person you need. They are very helpful and you could self-refer via your local council website. Also, on Living With Arthritis, we have a thread near the top called 'Simple Ideas.....' which is full of suggestions for ways round doing things. In any case, as barking1 has said, if you copy this onto the LWA forum, you'll get more replies. I hope to see you around.
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