Have rainmaker, will travel

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Today Mr SW picked up some moss killer from the garden centre, scattered it on the lawn, looked up at the heavens, decided it wasn't going to rain so he'd have to water it in. The timing was exquisite - just as he was putting the hosepipe away the familiar pitter patter started on the roof.

If anyone in southern parts would like some rain, he is available for hire. Special discounts to AC members as long as the beer is free.


  • georgie66
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    don't want your rain mr SW..
    it has been beautiful here today in the South West
    the high tide this morning with the sun shinning on it was beautiful..
    but would buy you a beer so one coming your way..
  • mig
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    Yes but if he didnt water it in it wouldnt have rained :!:Mig
  • barking1
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    no rain thankyou cornwall has been sunny today x jane
  • applerose
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    Sorry but we've had enough rain here today but thank you anyway. :lol:
  • skezier
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    Hi Sticky

    Since your using the umbrella on the roof again I think Mr. SW doesn't need to come here... mind I think if Cornwall is ever declared a drought it is cus the water company have messed up big time... we have rainy seasons here... last for ever :wink:

    He is in the costume and ready with his ((((( ))))) Slurps has your tea and Alba is bringing your dinner...leasts she wont actually eat it even if she does try it...... Cris xx
  • tjt6768
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    Well, as we are sharing the same rainclouds that saves me buying a pint in faux Yorkshire fashion lol..
    To all you non Yorkshire folks, it's a myth, we ain't that tight haha :wink:

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