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Today was the first day i decided i would look on the net to find any info in my oa . i was diaignosed over 3 years ago in both my hips and have had numorus cortaisone injections in them .
I am 35 and planning my wedding for next year , and today i think was the first day i realised i was not the only one in pain and dealing with this . I am waiting for a hip replacement which is due in the next couple of months and since i was told i was going in one of my hips just seems to have got worse and worse . Sitting to standing is causing me a lot of stress as everytime my hip locks . I am taking lots of pain relief and just need something to stop this locking ..... i am due on holiday in 4 weeks and the plane takes 6 hours , last year i managed but this year i am already getting nervous ...... any way i am sure there is a place for that discussion somewhere on here ...: ))) .

As you can read i kinda am rather excited about finding this site and also i think finally realising that i am not the only one and that yes i can deal with it and at least have you all on here who ' get it ' .

anyway i am Ann i am 35 and live in middlesbrough , i work full time as an office manager and have just moved in with my future husband !

I look forward to speaking to lots of you

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    Hello Ann and welcome to the forum. You are certainly not the only one dealing with it and we do get where you're coming from.

    Well, you have a lot coming up, don't you? A holiday, a new hip and a marriage!

    I'm afraid I don't know how to stop your hip locking. I suspect it can't be done but who knows? Mine never actually locked before being replaced but my knees did and it was just a matter of perseverance though I did find it lessened it if I shoved one knee hard into the other.

    If you ask the airline they might give you bulkhead seats where there is more legroom and, if walking and/or standing is a problem, you'd be advised to ask for wheelchair assistance but do both of these things well in advance.

    It's brave of you to go away so close to your op. I'd be worried they might call me in while I was away. Have you a date for the pre-op yet? At least you should be all done and dusted for your wedding next year. How lovely!

    If you've any specific questions just ask on Living With Arthritis. That and Chit Chat are where most people hang out.

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    Hi there and Welcome to the forum..

    Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding... I'm newly wed too... and still getting use to married life along with a new diagnosis of OA...

    It's very tough at times... But we are all here to help one another, so welcome..

    Hugs freesia x
    hugs freesia xxx