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Hi everyone,
I decided to join a 'Arthritis' forum hoping that I can pick up a few tips on what I can do or take to ease the pain which is driving me crazy. Back in 20009 I went to my docs with a pain in my right groin. He sent me for xrays and the outcome was the joint at the top of my leg, I think it's called the hip joint, was worn quite a bit. He tried to get me fixed up for a 'hip joint replacement' operation. Unfortunately because I suffer from leg ulcers they can't risk an operation for fear of infection.
Well near the end of 2009, November to be exact, I was hit by a vehicle and smashed many bones including both pelvises and my back. I was on my back unable to move for 4 months and another month being able to sit up in bed. 5 Months in hospital and by the time I was able to put the crutches down it was not far off a year.
My left pelvis had a clean break and healed ok but the right side was broken in many places and unlike an arm or leg which would be set in plaster to heal, with the hip, you have to hope for the best. Up until then , so long as I took my tablets, it didn't really affect me too much.
Well, a few months ago I went to my doctor and asked for another xray because the tablets no longer worked and i was in a great deal of pain.
The xray results showed that my pelvis didn't heal very well and it also showed 'advanced arthritis', that surprised me, up to that point I wasn't aware that I suffered from arthritis.
After waiting I eventually got a date to see a specialist at the hospital. She told me that she had seen the xrays and my pelvic area was 'gone' , that was the exact word she used. She went on to tell me that it would be a waste of time putting in a hip joint because the bone was far to gone to screw anything into it and it wouldn't last. She went on to tell me that I need a complete hip replacement. She also discussed about the ulcers and asked what the doctor treating it thought. Well I have had these leg ulcers for 6 years and they show no signs of healing, in fact they get worse all the time. Anyway she said that because i was suffering with my hip and needed two crutches now, how would I feel about an opertation. She told me the risks and she could put me on a course of antibiotics, not the usual ones you get on prescription but special ones for this kind of situation, at least I think thats what she was saying. Also I think that I would have to take responsibility for the outcome. I suppose they are afraid that if it went wrong, i would sue the hospital. I wouldn't but they don't know that. So now I'm waiting, and naturally I'm a little bit afraid. So I have to remind myself about the pain thats driving me round the twist and the operation isn't quite as scarey. I don't know whats worse, pain from the arthritis or the ulcers. The ulcers are so incrredibly painful and refuse to heal. 6 years ago they started.
Many a time I've been so overwhelmed with the pain that it's reduced me to tears. I haven't slept for more than an hour for years. Actually, it has been well over a week since I last slept at all. It's a round the clock torture that just will not leave me in peace. You know the feeling when you bang your shins on something hard, well the ulcer on my right shin is just like that, but it repeats itself over and over every 3-4 seconds.

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    Hi django

    Welcome to the forum and I am so sorry to read your story. Sounds like you are suffering big time. It is a big decision having an op and you have another worry added to that too. With every operation there are risks of course but in the end only you can decide if you wish to go through with it or not.

    Why don't you copy and paste your posting on the Living with Arthritis zone as more people look in there than on here and you would get more support there.

    I hope to see you over on the over zone

    Elna x
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    Oh dear, django! You've had a terrible time and have an awful lot going on, medically speaking.

    I don't quite understand some of your thread eg your surprise at the diagnosis of arthritis because, presumably, that was what caused your hip to require a replacement earlier. Also you say the doc said 'it would be a waste of time putting in a hip joint because the bone was far to gone to screw anything into it and it wouldn't last. She went on to tell me that I need a complete hip replacement. ' My understanding of hip replacements (and I have two) is that they still must be anchored into bone.

    Because of the ulcer problem this must be a real dilemma for you. Have you tried talking the whole thing over with your GP? Sometimes, because they know us well, they can be easier to talk to than a specialist. Also, I think it might help you to give our own Helplines a call. Their number is at the top of the page. Whatever you decide I wish you all the best.
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    Hi there...

    Welcome to this lovely forum...

    It's not really a place we all aim to end up in life, but it has certainly helped me with my OA.. Everyone is SOOOO friendly, with hints & tips and certainly a few laughs along the way...

    Sounds as though you've had a really tough time...

    So sending a BIG HUG

    freesia x
    hugs freesia xxx