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After what i consider a terrible appointment with the rhumatologist yesterday i dont know what to do, firstly i was told i have osteo in hips and my back but hips shouldnt be giving me to much pain, i know my back is bad but after an m r i last may the surgeon didnt want to see me he told my doctor there was nothing to do at this time, i have since seen the doctor (10 months ago)and been told i had pmr after pain in my neck, shoulders, and swelling in my hand with lack of grip ,i took prednisolone for 8 months and then the rhumie told me to stop taking it so i have and now only on naproxin and meptid that makes me vomit, he is sending me to pain clinic and for another m r i on the spine but ignored all my other problems saying there is nothung else wrong he said bloods were 5 and 5.5 so no inflamation i am now worse off than before at least i had the preds to help the pain before so i dont know what to do i have booked an appointment with my own doctor tonight but dont know what to say the rhumie dosent want to see me again he said please can you advice me thankyou Jane


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    sorry i forgot to add my m r i report said moderate degenerative changes in lower lumber spine with right foraminal L4/5 AND CENTRAL L4/S1 disc protrusions and bilateral narrowing of the neural foramina with probable entrapment of the right foraminal L4 and L5 nerve root that was the conclusion it doesnt mean much to me

    it also states slight lumber hyperlordosis and from t9 to t11 mild facet hypertrophy
    from L1 to S1 mild degenerative changes with dehydration and minimal bulging of the discs and moderate facet joint hypertrophy
    L1/2 minimaal posterior degenerative slippage
    L4/5 minimal anterior segenerative slippage and a small right foraminal disc pertrusion that together with facet hypertrophy are narrowing the neural foramina

    i wonder if you could explain any of it thankyou Jane
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    Hi Jane

    I’m sorry to hear about the terrible appointment you had with the rheumatologist yesterday.

    As we are not medically trained we wouldn’t know exactly what the results of the MRI on your back mean, though it does mention degenerative changes in your lower lumber spine. If you haven’t already, it may be worth seeing a physiotherapist for some treatment for your back and if necessary an orthopaedic specialist (from a referral by your doctor).

    When you see the doctor you can explain to them what the rheumatologist said and ask what your options are. Also did the rheumatologist mention the reason for having to come off the prednisolone? If it isn’t because of the side effects then it may be possible to start on it again, at least in the short term. Your doctor can advise on this. You could also try and get a second opinion with another rheumatologist.

    It’s a good idea to show the results of your MRI scan to the pain clinic, so they can make an assessment of what is going on and hopefully prescribe some medication that helps.

    For more information on back pain see http://www.arthritisresearchuk.org/arthritis-information/pain/back-pain.aspx and on polymyalgia at http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Listedbytype/Factsheets/main_content/PolymyalgiaFactsheet2011.pdf.

    If you would like to discuss things further please ring our helplines on 0808 800 4050 to have a chat about your current situation.


    Helplines Team
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    Hi Jane,

    Oh flower bad appointments relly effect us don;t they?

    I think we are under the same hospital and might be the rumo.... sounds kinda familiar :roll:

    If I am right there is a very good pain doc and will pm you the name etc cus she can help as your back isn't too dissimilar to mine.

    There is a lot they can do but where T is concerned they don't seem to offer it too easily or well.... we all have seen the tables so we do know there is a problem!

    The mri is saying thee is some arthritis and determinative changes there with the discs being effected. I know what that feels like flower but the right meds can really help you. Back to the pain doc idea... she is good!

    It does have to be the same hospital unless your lucky enough to come under D instead Jane but there are pockets of help in there..... for now....

    Will pm you and flower as the helplines say you do need to find out your options..... there are some and will pm you. A ((((( ))))) and hope the showers are not so heavy there? Cris xx
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    Hi Jane :)

    I am not sure if this will help but if you wish to join a forum for people with pmr there is a site called HealthUnlocked which you could google and you will find the PMR Community there, along with quite a few others forums for different diseases.

    Elna x