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hello my name is holly i am 19 years old with soriatic athritic and use a wheelchair.
i would realy like to find work but i can only realy do 3 days a week due to my hospital appointments and medication but i dont no where to start and would rely appreciate any help i dont have much experience apart from till work but i have gcse's in english litereture, ict, science and performing arts
Thank you


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    firstly i would sugest further education. i can hear the groan from here but if you can only manage 3 days a week you want a job that will pay a decent wage. if you get a part time job it ok for now but the future well often these jobs do not have great future
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    Hi Holly,

    Im not going to be much help to you, but just so you know you're not alone, im looking for similar to you, part time work, preferably mornings and i am really struggling to find something!!!

    Good luck with your search and let us know if you manage to get anything! :)
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    Hi Holly

    here's some info that may help you :)



    Both of these help disabled people find suitable employment. I have dealt with Remploy, but not the Shaw Trust. Remploy helped me get some work experience last year after I was fired from my first permanent job (I got Fibro 3 weeks in and they didn't like it one bit). The experience helped me get a 2 month temp job last summer in a different field which was great :)

    I initially self-refered to Remploy after graduation. A few months later I believe the new Government changed the rules and you now have to be referred to Remploy by the Job Centre.

    To do that you need to see a DEA (Disability Employment Advisor) at the Job Centre. They should be able to give you some help and advice for finding a suitable part-time job. If there are organisations in your area which help disabled people find work then they should be able to tell you about them.

    The Job Centre may also be able to help advise you about further education. Many local colleges will allow you to study for additional GCSEs, AS and A levels and BTEC Diploma thingies (don't know anything about the latter I'm afraid).


    This is a site with loads of voluntary jobs on, might be a way to help yourself get some experience whilst you're searching.

    Another good tip is to put your CV on sites like Reed, Total Jobs, Monster and Jobsite. If you make it visible to employers and Recruiters then sometimes they may come to you. They also make it easy to apply for jobs and to see which Recruitment Agencies have jobs in your area. Places like Blue Arrow and Office Angels may be a good place to start.
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    thank you all for replying :D

    hi valval i am currently with the job center on a work program and have done a food hygiene course with them so far but thank you for the advice and il keep studding whatever i can while the opportunity's are there

    ldyald thank you for the links il check them out although i am already on one of there programs maybe one of the others will be more suitable

    and emma il be sure to let you no if i see anything going part time in the mornings but you can use this sight to look its the least confusing iv seen directgov.com

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