Can't find a job!! :(

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Hi all,

Ive been looking for a small job for ages now and i can't seem to find anything that would suit me!!!

I have arthritis in my neck, hands, one elbow, both hips, both knees, both ankles and toes on one foot!!! So as you can see it would be difficult for me to do anything physical. I gave up a job as a teaching assistant as that was becoming too difficult and ive been looking for a job that i mainly sitting and i can't find anything suitable.

I really don't want to work at the weekends or in the evenings. Im 42 years old and ive done my time working evenings and weekends when i was younger. I get the impression that most of the supermarkets want people to work weekends, so i think that rules them out.

I thought about a part time receptionists job at maybe a doctors or dentists, but every time i look, the job is too many hours. I claim Carers Allowance as i have a son with Autism and i therefore can't earn any more than £100 a week, so that limits me too!!!!

I wish we didn't need for me to work as i would be quite happy not working, although i do get a bit lonely being at home on my own a lot during the day times. My arthritis is painful most of the time and i do get tired easily so not working would be the ideal, but needs must!!!

If anyone has got any suggestions i would love to hear them!

I do keep doing the lottery and hoping!!!



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    Hi EMMA hope you dont mind me asking what type of arthur have you got? On the job front what about working in a charity shop you can get some that pay you , i am the same age as you but havnt got as many problems i work as a cook in a busy cafe and i am holding on with my finger nails at the moment :lol: i am having to just take one day at a time , you could look into wprking for wvrs they employ people to do the office side for there meals on wheels i know someone that does that it wouldnt be many hours but worth a try xx Jane
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    Hi Jane, I have Seronegative inflammatory arthritis, whatever that means! I don't test positive for RA at the moment. I have looked into charity work but haven't found any paid work yet. I will look into the WRVS, thanks!

    It's so difficult working when u have arthritis as it affects so much of ur body!! :(
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    I have applied for a job ywith DialaRide. Just have the intervoew to go.

    Have ticked the disability box but then ticked the prefer not to say box after it.

    As I don't want them saying no due to my RA, Osteo and Fibro.

    Recently.passed the PCV medical at my GP's anyway so even.though the job isn't PCV I would still pass the harsher medical.requirements.

    But since the medical.isn't really interested in how much pain you are in then it is all good.

    I suspose I shoupd claim benefits pf some sort. But I juwt can't bring myself to do it. Probably the same character fault that kept me working for the Ambulance Service answering 999 calls long after my pain became unbearable.