Know a good DLA tribunal solicitor?

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I'm helping my 22 year old son with his DLA appeal. We are at the tribunal stage but don't have a date yet. Can anyone suggest a good solicitor? We live in the North Lincs/Yorks area.

My son has received the highest rate of DLA and mobility since 5 years of age but the DLA has now been reduced to the lowest rate.

Thanks for your help.


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    Dear Dangra,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. I wonder whether you've been in touch with a Welfare Rights organisation yet?
    I'll list the main organisations we signpost people to. They'd be able to advise about this.

    If you particularly want legal advice then these organisations should be able to discuss with you appropriate options, but failing that Which? offer a fixed cost legal advice scheme (see their website).

    If you'd like some of our information on managing arthritis please see

    Or please private message us your name and address if you'd like to be sent an information pack.

    I hope that is helpful

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    Thanks Guy
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    Have you tried CAB ? Some of them have dedicated Tribunal officers who know all the pit falls of the tribunals and they are free.
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    Hi Dangra, I'm in South Lincs and also appealing a DLA decision, tribunal papers have come through today.

    I have been using the CAB but not sure if they'll be able to come to the tribunal with me as they're swamped atm.

    I believe the Princess Royal/Anne Trust helps carers and provides support for people who care for people who have been refused DLA.

    There's a link, hope it helps. If you do find someone in the Lincs area please shout, expecting my tribunal in Nov/Dec - only a year after I applied! :o and could do with finding someone to help.
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    Sorry to hear of your problem. Thanks for the link. I'll keep you posted.
    Best of luck.

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