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:roll: hi i have only joined a few days ago and i was wondering if there is anything i could do at home instead of going to the docs all the time. I've got ostieoritis in my pelvis i've been told that i will be hearing from the physio but there is a waiting list of about 3-4 months before i even get an appointment, i really need the help to make life easier what with have a 75 year old father whom i care for full time. He also lives with me.
Thanks if u can help me. :|


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    Hi Anita,

    Thanks for getting in touch, we're glad you've found us. If you can spare the time I would encourage you to give us a call on the number above. That way you can explain everything that's going on with you at the moment and we can explore ways to help make your pain more manageable and your life easier - you'll have as much time as you need and if there's anything we can't help you with we'll point you in the direction of someone who can.
    If you'd prefer just to recieve some of our written information then just send us a PM with your home address and we'll get it straight out to you.

    Best wishes