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Think Harry has croup. Barking cough which is worse at night, running nose, temp over 38C, mottled skin, hoarse cry, feeling generally pathetic.

Any suggestions on getting him to sleep easier? Got a horrid feeling we are going to have yet another busy night. He's dosed with calpol and brufen, has a vaporiser in his room and has just had glycerol (which generally does **** all).

We all just need some sleep!


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    Hi Jenzie

    I am really sorry to read your posting. If you have not done so already and as you suspect croup you should call the medics. He/she will probably ask you specific questions about Harry's cough and breathing, so keep him nearby during your conversation. Croup is a very distinctive cough and the doctor would be able to diagnose over the phone from hearing Harry cough whether it is croup or not. Moist or cold air seem to help reduce the swelling of the airways, so the standard course of action is to take your baby into a steamy bathroom for 15 to 20 minutes (turn on the hot water in the shower or bathtub and close the bathroom door) or out into the cold night air. Holding Harry upright will help him breathe more easily.

    I do hope he gets better soon and that you can get some sleep.

    Elna x
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    Hi Jen,

    I am so sorry Harry has that, as if you didn't have enough gong on bless him.

    I agree with Elna it is a distinctive cough and they should know it as soon as they hear him coughing... its a bit like kennel cough in dogs to listen to....

    The moist air does seem to help and hopefully the medics can also advise of other things.

    hang in there and I so hope he will soon be better. Cris xx
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    Having expereinced Croup with my youngest, I second Elnas advice, it is spot on!!!! You should also be prepared to call a doc or drive to A & E, as I have had to on many occasions. (My youngest also have severe asthmma), I hope he recovers quickly.
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    Hi Jen,

    I hope Harry is a lot better and leaving you a ((( ))). Cris xx
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    Hi Jen
    When our GD was thought to have croup ...turned out it wasnt...they where advised to take her out into the cold night air...or open the bedroom window...thank goodness it wasn't croup....I do hope he will be feeling better very soon.xx
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    Hi Jenzie.
    i hope Harry is feeling a bit better croup is not very nice.
    ((((((((Jenzie and Harry))))))))
    joan xx

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