ATOS Questonaire

RichT Bots Posts: 35
I know it has been posted on here before but I can't find it :oops: This ATOS form ... Has anyone filled one in recently ? The questions are what I call evasive to say the least.. What I mean is if a person suffers with Osteo P then by the nature of the disease sitting or standing for any time period is near impossible BUT needing some one elses help to move isn't really a need, it is the suffering from pain that is the issue :roll: If you see what I mean ... I have been off work since last July and since my THR in January I am still having problems and still need 1 crutch most of the time, the company I work for have been good so far but that won't last if this carries on. plus I now have neck problems with pins and needles/numbness that creeps up my spine/neck and top of my head, went for an MRI but due to the curvature in my spine/neck I can't get in the tunnel anymore :o My Rummy and GP have asked me to consider ill health retirement to try and save what quality of life I have now.. Must admit I was very surprised by this advice :shock: Sorry rambling now ...Back to my first question :lol::lol: How does this ATOS form relate to AS/OP or any arthritis for that matter ? most of it appears to evade the right questions :wink: