anti TNF drugs

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Hi, everyone,

Have been on before but not recently, but would be grateful for anyone's views.

I have recently been assessed as needing anti tnf drugs as Meth injections are no longer really effective.

However I am concerned that the side effects may outweigh the benefits.

Would be grateful for some experiences from you all.

Thanks Lynmary


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    Hello LynMary and welcome (back).

    There are lots of us on anti-tnfs/biologics and if you repost on Living with Arthritis Forum, more people will see your message and I am sure you will get some useful replies.

    I am on my third biologic - Infliximab was an absolute miracle drug for me and gave me 5, virtually RA free years. I had no side effects at all but unfortunately became allergic to it eventually and had to stop.

    Humira worked well for me too (although not as well as the Infliximab) but that one started to disagree with me after a couple of years.

    My current drug is Rituximab - only had a couple of infusions but it seems to be working well with no side effects.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

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    Hi Lynmary
    And welcome back, Im glad that Tilly could help, if you post this in LWA I do think that more people would see it, you take care and I do wish you well with your treatment x
  • lynmary
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    Thanks both for your help, will also post as you say.