one of those days

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First nose has been running like a tap,then a--a missed 4 things off my shopping(still on the van) then kitchen got invaded by ants (hate the little blighters),thats three hope nothing else happens.Mig :x


  • valval
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    well(((()))) for you forget today start again tomorrow.
    for some reason i was feeling yuk today nearly threw up on way to town had to have nap before going to work so they had to make do with bacon and egg muffins 4 tea all i could be bothered making for t so hope life better now for you val
  • mig
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    So far so good Val,hope you are feeling better.(((()))) Mig
  • skezier
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    Hope today, as it now is, will be better for you Mig. leaving a ((((( ))))), a hope and a cuppa for the morning Cris xx

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