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Hi newbie hear and this is my first post...Today i was told i have early onset of arthritis in my hip and spine....cut long story short...had 3 spine surgeries..suffered from a conditon call Foot drop and have chronic pain..i hope i can find some answers on here...cos im a bit lost at the minute...
thanks for reading this :)


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    Hello there and welcome to the forum. If you've already had three lots of surgery to your spine you're quite a veteran, aren't you :) ? I'm not quite sure what you'd like answers to but, if you have any questions, just post them on the Living With Arthritis forum and I'm sure lots of people will chip in.
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    Feel for you easethepain - had my fifth lot of spinal surgery last August and still struggling. Newly diagnosed with RA and AS and like you struggling with it. I live in Ireland for the most part and getting medical treatment for it is not the best.

    Am seeing the consultant who fused my lumbar spine up this week and to discuss fusing my neck as well. Wish you well and whilst a newbi where if I can help please ask