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Hi, finally writing this email! I have been reading the forums since being diagnosed with arthritis (Psoriatic) in 2007, and it has been a tremendous support and 'go to' place, when worrying about all the usual stuff... or so it has become. I was completely well apart from the odd bout of flu etc, before being diagnosed. I was a complete wimp when PsA started!

I have had the whole range of meds, and after many tears/years/rants/raves about manky knees/back/feet/psoriasis, I am sort of coping with it all now...sort of!

Thank goodness for the great Docs, and the great work this charity does.

Really looking forward to participating once in a while, now that I have plucked up the courage to introduce myself here.

Thanks for reading, best wishes to all!



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    Hello kaystar and welcome to the forum at last :) My, you don't rush into things, do you :lol: Please do join in anywhere you like. We don't bite, I promise.

    As for being a wimp, Oh we all do the wimp thing. That one of the ways in which the forum is so good because usually there's someone who has been through everything before and felt the same way.

    I hope to see you around posting. All the best.
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    Thanks sticywicket (love the name!) x
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    Hi and welcome from me. I know I have gone through a huge range of emotions since being diagnosed, its a bit of a rollercoaster. Glad to hear the forum has helped you, its nice to have a place to come to where you can offload and have a giggle. :D