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Hello just wondered if there is anyone out there with aosd?
My hubby was diagnosed with it just over a month ago so its very early days for us. Help!!! :(


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    Hello ebibud. It's nice to meet you. There is a thread about this on the Living With Arthritis forum and I've just bumed it up towards the top for you so hopefully it will still be on the first page by the time you get back here. Good luck.
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    Hi ebibud

    There are lots of threads on this subject on here if you have time to do a 'search'.

    There is also an international organisation just for those will Stills if it helps :? l know l looked at it when my rheumatologist queried it with me.

    A lot of the issues are similar to those experienced on here so please do stay and join in if you feel we can help to support you :) .


    Toni xx