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I had my ESA medical assessment result come by post 10 days later, and have been placed in the work related activity group - contribution based. Duration for 365 days. I rang DWP yesterday and they told me about the work focussed interviews, 6 in total, 1 per month as stated in letter.

I asked what happens in 1 years time and she said to, then, apply for income support.

I was dismissed from NHS job last July 2011 on incapacity due to ill health (RA)

Can anyone advise me what to do? Can I request to be in the income based WRAG?

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    Just had a look at the DWP site and I think you can only go on the income based WRAG if your partner works less than 24 hours a week. It doesn't say how much per hour :?

    I think they are wanting to go back to the old way of thinking when one person in the household worked and kept the other one (usually the Husband working).

    I suppose if on a low income working 30 hours a week, Working Tax Credit could be claimed, but they are changing the criteria for that too.

    This Government are certainly changing the benefits system. I don't know if the rich will be richer, but the poor (and disabled) will definately be poorer :cry:

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