REQUEST for HELP - please ....

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Being referred to Occupational Health through work..

"Seriously" worried now about losing my job.. very upset.. :cry:

Does anyone have any tips of:-
What I should disclose... and anything that I should NOT disclose..

I've never been in this situation before, and am very worried about my job and future..

I would really appreciate any advice or tips of "any kind" which may help me deal with this very emotional & worrying time...



  • JuliaHod12
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    Hi Freesia

    I was referred to my work's Occy Health lady after my 2nd arthroscopy. I think they do this if yoiu have been off work for a prolonged length of time, basically to ensure that you are in the best of health before you go back. If you are not totally ready to go back then they make arrangements for you to go back on a restricted work/ time regime on a gradual scale until you go back full time eventually.

    The Occ Health are there to make the correct assessment of your health and your well being........and only to advise work how much you will be capable of.
    I dont think any Occ Health person's assessment can be used against you, its just to ensure that you will not be doing anything detrimental to your health by working too much.

    Best of luck with it

    Julia xx
  • freesia
    freesia Member Posts: 409
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    Thanks Julia..

    Report done, from my point of view all went as well as can be expected..

    Not heard a thing from my bosses....!!

    Trying to stay positive & think - no news is good news....??? :wink:

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