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Hey I'm new,

22 with psoratic arthritis with an allergy to anti inflamatries (oh the irony lol) diagonosed at 17.

I am having a flare up and need to wear straps... But I just got my dream job at tiffany & co. My straps are awful. Does anyone know where I can buy some nice looking straps (preferable with thumb supports, doing the bow is a killer)

Any replies would be greatly appreciated, I know how much effort it is to type. :-)


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    Hello Cara89 and welcome to the forum. The young people's forum isn't very busy as most young people have better things to do than hang around here all day :roll: so you might have a better result if you copy this thread to the Living With Arthritis forum. There are a lot more people on there and this is a problem that is much the same whatever one's age.

    I must say, I've heard of - and used - wrist splints but never wrist straps. Mine only supported the base of my thumb and I can see a problem between having the thumb supported and having enough flexibility to tie bows. Anyway, I hope someone over there will be of more use - and good luck with the job.
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    I guess it depends how much support you need. You can buy these types of things online (ebay et al). If you bought a plain one then perhaps it could be customised a bit, whether dyed, have applique bits added, stickers etc.

    I have tubi grips given to me by my former Hand Therapist. I don't need them much as I'm out of work atm. But at work (typing) they did help a bit. They were plain creamy white. But I guess they'd be very easy to dye a different colour. I'd be tempted to tie dye them myself, not sure if that would fit in with Tiffany's though :lol:

    But a tasteful shade of blue, red, green etc might make them more attractive but not too 'out there'.

    But if tubi grips aren't enough support for you then it's a moot point.