Update on Mum

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After 7 rounds of chemo, a massive op and 2 further rounds of chemo her scans are now clear of cancer. It's as cancer free as she is going to get and the oncologist has told her to go away and enjoy life. She will have 3 monthly tests for a while but the hope is is that it is years before it comes back.

I just wanted to thank you all for your positive thoughts and best wishes. It makes mum well up to know how many people are rooting for her.


Jen x


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    Thats fantastic news Jen.

    Long may she remain cancer free
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    Hi Jen

    That is brilliant news :D I am so pleased for you all.

    Love Juliepf x
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    Excellent news about your Mum, Jen. You must feel very relieved and positive about the future.

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    Brilliant news. Thanks for letting us know and best wishes to your Mum for a long and happy life.
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    Hello Jenzie
    i'm so pleased for your mum :D
    all the best to you all ((((((((jenzie and mum))))))))
    take care.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    this is the MOST fabtastic news l have heard for ages :D

    Well done your Mum and you too for coping with it all.

    I am thrilled :D


    Toni xxx
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    Oh Jen I am sooo very pleased for your mum and you, it is so stressful to go through this, but such a good outcome.
    Now you need to take care of yourself.... :D xxx
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    Jen that's such good news :D:D Long may your Mum be well.

    I do believe the power of collective thought can help and just know you alays have some flower.

    Oh How's Harry's cough now?

    Sending huge good vibes to both you, your Mum and Harry. Cris xx