I am thinking of doing some volunteering. Maybe in a hospital, CAB, library or something similar, I'm not sure yet, but it can't be anything too physical as I have severe RA. I was also wondering what are the chances of getting a paid job after volunteering. If any of you has any experience with that I would greatly appreciate any information. I know how hard it is nowadays to get a job, especially if you are disabled, so I thought volunteering might help me. I am not stupid, have a good head on my shoulders, I'm even well educated to a university degree but being a foreigner I don't think I have many chances at a decent job (even though I have lived here for the last 10 years). Not to mention it would have to be part time and flexible hours. Anyway I was wondering whether any of you could suggest anything, any charity that you've volunteered for and now work for, or somewhere I could look for volunteering opportunities.


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    Well personally, I started volunteering for Arthritis Care! I'm an Information Volunteer, which means I set up stalls in public places and give out information on arthritis.

    I can make my own hours - initially no more than about 4 hours a month, but as I've gradually got into it and my health has improved, I'm doing a little more. I've also branched out into fundraising, which is a lot of fun.

    I hope I'm not speaking out of turn to suggest they'd bite your hand off if you offered! They're a lovely organisation to work for too - my supervisor (Margo) has been so supportive.

    I also volunteer for a community organisation - we have our annual May Fair next week, so I'm building games etc. And I used to help out in an Oxfam shop, but my health got in the way so now I just do a bit of fundraising for them.

    I think volunteering is brilliant and it stops me moping around the house, thinking about how much pain I'm in all the time.
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    I used to be a volunteer for homestart, they trian people and they match you with a family that need some support for different reasons, i know that can lead to paid work.

    Also the job centre site has voluntary oppurtunities (cant spell!!!!) that are avaliable.

    Good Luck in your search
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    You might also be able to find details of voluntary jobs from organisations like Remploy and The Shaw Trust.
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    Thank you all for your suggestions. I will definitely check them out. As I am not in a good financial situation I would definitely be interested in those positions that might one day lead to paid work. It is good to hear that so many of you volunteer. It is such a great thing to do and I hope to follow your example.
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    Well volunteering done wonders for my confidence i never thought i would attempt public speaking, organizing an event, be vice chair on friend committee, on a focus group for our garden at the library designing then watching it take shape. I love it and maybe it will help me in future work again. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR VOLUNTEERING :D
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    Hi Nesia
    I have been a samaritan volunteer for 25 years and have gained so much,being disabled is no barr from volunteering,most centres are set up to accomodate most people . Its a great way of making incredible friends and feeling a part of so many strangers lives, I thoroughly recommend it
    good luck