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What better way to uplift the spirits at this time of year than a walk in a bluebell wood? So, Mr SW and I set out, but not to our usual bluebell-viewing place because today is a ‘sunshine’ (allegedly) and showers’ day here and our usual bluebell wood can result in a mile-long, uphill sprint to the shelter of the car. I don’t do 3 yard sprints let alone mile ones and Mr SW is strangely reluctant to try the uphill variety while shoving an occupied wheelchair. So, we found another wheelchair-accessible bluebell wood online and set off for it.

Hitch No. 1 – the gate giving wheelchair access was padlocked. A helpful notice explained that it could be opened with a RADAR key.

Hitch No. 2 – my RADAR key was on top of the dressing table. (Where else? :roll: )

Hitch No. 3 – we were alone. With helpful friends I might have had a shot at climbing the fence but, even so, the chances of Mr SW wanging the wheelchair over were slim.

Hitch No. 4 – it started raining.

Hitch no 5 – Mr SW and I became velcroed together – my bobble hat to his jacket.

Hitch No 6 – we got to see 3 bluebells - on a grass verge on the way back.

The moral of the story – next time you want your spirits uplifting pop a bottle of white in the fridge or a bottle of red on the radiator. We have done. They are more reliable than bluebells


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    That made me chuckle.... :lol: and lifted my spirits...

    Sorry to hear you have had a "blue" bell less day, but I'm sure you've given us a good laugh....

    freesia x
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    Worst April weather... ever.

    In the words of Comicbook Guy.
  • barking1
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    ooh dear :lol::lol: sorry shouldnt laugh, i live very close to a massive woods with carpets of blubells every where you look at the moment its gorgeous but that dosnt help i suppose , better luck next time you visit xx jane
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    Oh Sticky, I'm sorry that the day dint turn out reet for ya hun..
    However, it's given us lot a quick giggle and I am sure by now that you are a teeny bit non-plus about us laughung at your expense thanks mainly to the afore mentioned plonk :wink::D:lol:
    Some Yorkshire Bloke hugs coming that way as payment for said chuckles :D
  • valval
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    got many more than that in my front garden can not cut grass again till they have died back they always give me a lift to see . why did the site not put on you need your radar key and where do you get them from (nosey i know) hope wine was nice val
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    Your post did make me smile, sounds like a day out with myself and MR SG!!!!!!

    Awful day today, in front of fire on sofa, best place to be :D
  • dreamdaisy
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    :D Oh dear, my lovely, get a spare RADAR key and sellotape it to the chariot. Simples. As for the getting stuck together - how romantic! DD
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    Well if your anywhere near Wallingford in Oxfordshire you can drive through the local woods and there's loads of Blue Bells right up to the side of the road in a few spots, you could access some of them by wheel chair just, it's up in darkest deepest Ipsden heath you can walk the roads with woods on both sides and there's not much trafic either!, oh there's also a pub in the woods that does good beer and chees or ham rolls :mrgreen: , tis ye olde black horse of Ipsden heath, Some say it's twinned with the Slaughterd lamb inn from the film American Werewolf in London!.

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