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I came here following a google link. I scour the internet looking for anything relating to ATOS, I found a thread or many about them on here.

I don't have arthritis personally, but have many dealings with ATOS. Now to my annoyance I cannot find the thread on here that led me to register. However, within the thread it talked about the computer programme LiMA that they use and that MP's etc cannot get access to the programme to see how ineffective it is and out of touch with disabilities it is. I say poppycock, as I have for anyone to look at and send to their MP a LiMA manual that the ATOS HCP's use. It tells them how to use the programme and includes some very useful screenshots of what the HCP will see on the screen as well while asking the questions.

If you or the admin here would like a copy sending, please please don't hesitate to PM me with your e-mail and my own and I will gladly send you a copy of the LiMA manual for you to look at.

One of the things on this manual is the blatant tips that tell the HCP to focus on things the claimant CAN do rather than CAN'T.

To quote a part from the manual which I am sure many of you here will find shocking:

Tip - Observed Behaviour is important
LiMA is Programmed to give more weight to observed behaviour than to either the history or the examination.

From the moment you enter the Assessment building to the moment you leave, this behaviour is more important than the documented specialists and your own GP. Its shocking and disgusting.

Again, please PM me, I will try and respond to you as soon as I can. People really need to view this LiMA manual to see how useless the programme is.

Please note the LiMA manual is in PDF format.

Thanks for your time.