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My Daughter was diagnosed with JIA 6 years ago, she is now 9. She is currently on a case study for canakinumab and has had partial response.
We have recently applied for DLA and been told we aren't entitled, we hadn't applied sooner because we were able to cope with my daughters flares and good and bad days. But as she has got older the arthritis has become more painful for her and is now affecting most joints, which makes everyday life more difficult for her. She is having to have more time off school, more frequent visits to the hospital which then has an affect on our employment.
I just wondered if anyone has been successful or unsuccessful when claiming for DLA and if you could give us any advice please?




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    Hi Claire

    Sorry i cannot advise you , but keep on fighting it as it will then go to tribunal and they will proberly give in .

    karen xx
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    Ask them to look again & get support from your GP , consultant, school etc.
    Fill the form in as though every day is a bad day & remember its more about how the condition affects her & what help she needs, rather than what the condition is. There are several websites with guidence on how to fill the form in , or contact your local CAB or MP.
    The more you can right on the form the better , how it makes her feel about herself, life, friends etc as well as her pain & what she can actually do.
    Hope that helps & good luck
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    I would appeal and get school to write a letter about all the things they have in place for her, i.e fat pencils, ruler grips, laptop etc. also get a print out of her attendance record this will show how often she is off ill, hospital appointments etc.

    When you filled in the form did you base it on her worst day. This is how we were told to fill it in. You base it on her worst not average it's so confusing filling in the form. When I first applied I got it straight away no questions asked then after 2 years had to reapply and I got the school to write a supporting letter to send in with the application and we've now been awarded it for 5 years.

    Good luck and I would most deffinately appeal.

    Michelle xxx