life insurance

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I posted on the LWA forum yesterday and got lots of support from forum members. SOme suggested asking the helpline team also.

My problem is - I was diagnosed with RA last year, also have hypothyroid and was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia in December. I have life insurance which was taken out some years ago, before these conditions were diagnosed. I now need to increase this as the level of cover won't pay off the mortgage. Yesterday, I went on a price comparison site and after selecting a company and putting all me details onto the online form, they then said they would be unable to insure me due to all the above conditions.

I was applying for life insurance only - no critical illness or income protection and was looking for a 20 year term (I'm 42).

My question is twofold:

1. Do I have to tell my current insurers about these diagnoses as they were not conditions I was aware of at the time of taking the insurance out.

2. Do you know of any companies that would be willing to insure me. I'm considering insuring myself and my husband seperately - he has no health problems so will get insurance for a relatively low cost. This way, I can then tackle the issue of getting insurance for just myself.

Any help or advise would be appreciated.