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About 6 yeears ago I went to my gp with a pain on my left foot, just beneath the skin. It was so sore, my shoes made the pain worse. The mad thing about it was, their wasn't anything to see. My gp prescribed a tube of ointment, made no difference. After a day or so, it turned into a minute spot, and when I examined it with a jewlers eye glass, it looked like a boil, but by christ, it was really painfull.
Each day it got bigger and hurt like hell and it turned out to be a veinous leg ulcer. Now it measures about 11 x 7 cm on the inside of left ankle.
I had also developed another one on my right foot and that was slowly increasinng in size.
Then in November '09 I was hit by a vehicle and got smashed up pretty bad. I broke my back and both left and right pelvis's (besides everything else) and it made me unable to sit up and I was flat on my back for 5 months and couldn't do very much for myself, totally relliant on the nurses. Eventually I persuaded them to let me go home but I wasn't able to put any weight on my right side.
If we break an arm or leg, it can be set in plaster to heal, but it's not possible to do that with the pelvis/hip. We just have to hope for the best. My left hip had a reasonably clean break and the bones knitted together okay. But the right side was smashed up into loads of fractures and didn't heal and became so painful, it crippled me.
Because I suffer from leg ulcers, I was always told that it was too risky to operate, in case of infection reaching the bone, which the surgeon/doctor said is very risky.I forgot to mention that I now have an ulcer also on my right shin from the knee to the ankle and nearly goes right around the leg
Now the hospital doctor said that because the ulcers show no sign of healing, and the hip is so bad, causing pain and has promoted advanced arthritis, they are willing to operate but I need a complete hip replacement as the existing one is completely gone and wouldn't hold anything for very long, therefor I must have the whole thing replaced.
But I would have to sign a document, stating that I am fully aware of the risks and should anything go wrong, I wouldn't sue the hospital.

At present I don't feel like I am living my life, I feel as though I am suffering each day and only know pain which I can't get use to. At times it is so relentless 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I don't know whats worse,, the arthritis or the ulcers.
It would be good if I could take some pills to stop the pain for a while. Any suggestions would be greatfully accepted.


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    Hi django,

    You really have been through it there and no wonder you feel your life is not easy.

    I don't know what is stopping you but, with luck, the op could really help but like you I have had an ulcer.... only one but know from that ho hard they are and how painful they are so do understand your worry and fear.

    I think it does boil down to do you trust the surgeon? It might be worth a second opinion or them sitting down with you and really talking you through it all?

    My gut reaction is that if it were me I would have the op.... But its easy for me to say it as its not me.

    I really hope that you can work out what is best for you and they will help you anyway you want them to.

    Its such a difficult thing to decide but hip replacements are usually very good and I am sure if you went for it they would look after you.

    I so wish things were easier for you and I know you will get a lot of support here from the forum folk cus they are brilliant. Wish I could give you a real on but ending a cyber ((( ))) and so many hopes you can decide what is best for you. Nice to meet you Cris x

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