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Hi everyone, I think I joined this 5 years ago when I got reactive arthritis but once I recovered and finished uni my old email address was cancelled...alas now I am back.
I started having major left shoulder and neck pain about 2 weeks ago and thought it was an ear infection but then my left knee and foot started swelling up and I knew something was definitely wrong.
I was in Italy doing a work experience placement at the time and when the doctor diagnosed psoriatic arthritis I knew I had to come home.
I am now awaiting an appointment with rheumatology and the inflammation has spread to my left wrist and is v painful.
So I am just waiting really to find out which one it is, and hoping it is nowhere near as aggressive as last time, which took me out of uni for a year.
If anyone else has reactive/psoriatic and knows how u can tell the difference between them (my sister has psoriasis but I don't) would be great to chat! xx


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    Hello and welcome (back) to the forum.

    Really glad things improved for you for a while, but sorry not so good again at the moment.

    There are a good few with PA on here and reactive arthritis comes up from time to time. I'm sure that if you repost on Living with Arthritis (LWA) forum, you will get some good replies.

    Look forward to seeing you posting.

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    Thanks for welcoming me Tilly xx
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    I am sure I posted a welcome on here :? Another case os the vanishing posts :o:lol:
    Welcome back, nice to meet ya and hope you are ok... :D
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    Hi katy

    nice to meet you. I have only been on here just short of 4 years so don't remember you.

    So glad things have been great for such a long time, but glad you knew where to come :wink:

    I imagine there are lots of similarities between both types of arthritis - they are both inflammatory aren't they?

    Hope they get to the bottom of it soon for you.


    Toni xxx