New and need some urgent advice please.

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Hi i seeing my Gp again this afternoon as i suffer from Cervical spondilosis of the C5/C6 discs and have bone spurs pressing on my spinal cord.

Symptons are severe stiffness at base of neck, radiating up all over the left side of my face/head and this morning my eye and nose was streaming. My face also feels numb and tingly and i get a whooshing sound too in my head and dizziness.

I also suffer from Fibromyalgia/M.E too and the symptons of FM is all over body pain (nerve pains) and stiffness and can mimic CS. I also suffer TMJ on the same side of my face and find difficulty eating. I had a permanent headache too.

I have had an MRI scan and have been referred to the musclo skeletal service and saw them 5 months ago and have just had an appointment for the 18th May at Sheffield to see a spinal surgeon. I live in Lincolnshire.

I was also told to that i needed a second opinion on my
FIBRO as to be honest i just don't know what pain is what etc anymore and i am at my wits end with all this pain. I am housebound with ME and cant do much at all now. I havent heard a thing with the Rheumy.

I have made the appointment with my Gp as had enough of being fobbed off now. I saw a Neurologist 2 years ago but he found nothing untoward.

I cannot take any medication at all as i am so sensitive to ALL meds and tried them all over the years and some made me so ill i ended up in hospital.

I do take Fluoxetine 20mg each morning. Not because i am depressed but its well recognised it can help the pains of FM.

I also take 5mg Diazepam at night too.

I just wondered if any of you can describe the pains of CS please.

I have looked at many websites but am now getting so confused.

Good to meet you all and will get back to you later on.



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    Hello Loobyloo - love the name!

    Welcome to the forum.

    I am really sorry you are struggling so much, but glad you have found us because we are a friendly, knowledgeable bunch on here and between us we have vast experience of many - if not most - of the various arthritis type conditions.

    If you repost on the Living with Arthritis (LWA) forum, I know you will get some replies because most people look there regularly.

    Thinking of you.

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    Hi Loobyloo,

    Welcome to the forum.
    Sounds like you have had a great deal going on over the past years and i'm not surprised you are bewildered by it all.
    I hope the forum can help you and support you where necessary. Unfortunately i do not know anything about CS , but i am sure someone will be able to answer you shortly, and as Tilly suggested repost on LWA forum.

    Hope you get some answers
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    Hi and welcome from me. I suffer from cervical spondylosis as well and your symptoms sound very familair, although I don't get facial numbness just my hands.

    How far away is the surgeons appt? You need to discuss this with him. It is a shame you can't tolerate the meds. I take gabapentin during the day and amitryptyline at night to help me sleep. I also have tramadol as and when needed along with muscle relaxants to help the spasms.

    I am sure others will be along shortly with tips for you. I use a hot water bottle on my neck to help relieve the pain, and get hubby to massage the muscles to relieve the tightness.
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    hi loobyloo and welcome like you im new to the forum,i have cervical spondylosis and have been seeing a chiropractor since christmas my doctor has managed to get me a appointment at the hospital which is tomorrow i hope to get some answers but you know how slow they can be .I have pins and needles in both my hands on a daily basis my neck is stiff and i get a burning pain in my neck i also get shooting pains down my right arm the list goes on i can sympathise with you keep pushing the doctor for help will let you know how i get on
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    Thankyou all for the lovely welcome.

    Will post more tomorrow as feeling poorly right now but wanted to answer you all.

    Thanks again and look forward to chatting with you all.
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    hi just a quick update had my appointment at the hospital after a lot of questions and prodding im going to get a MRI so im getting somewhere and its this month so good result lets see what happens you realy do have to push to get anything done and have a good doc who understands ,so for now im happy that im moving on !
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    Hi and welcome im new to this too.

    I cant help with cs but i have severe TMJ and also have difficulty eating, i have been prescribed ensure drinks from the doctor as advised by the dietitian.

    Its a shame you cant take medication im on tramadol 8 per day to help with pain. Hot water bottle helps ease it so if it ever locks/jams then use this and it will ease it back into place.

    Im on liquid/soft diet only have 1inch of opening in my mouth thats ona good day lol.
    I use 4head when i get a headache and that helps and theres no need for tablets its just cools and soothes your head, all u do is rub it along your forehead :)

    Hope this is of help to you :)
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    Hi Loubylou

    so sorry l am late on welcoming you and also answering your post.

    I too have cervical spond and l get numbness accross my chest and over the shoulders when things are really bad.

    When things are moderately bad it's only a 'tingle' at the base of my neck like a wee electric shock.

    It knocks me sick too and l get headaches with it and last time my right shoulder decided to join in.

    Hope that was some help :?


    Toni xxx