Good Physio Appointment.

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Yesterday, I had a really positive appointment with the physio, who examined me, listened to me, and gave me a few simple exercises to help my back, hips and neck! She said that I must stop as soon as I feel pain and not work through it thinking the exercise is doing more good!!! Next week, she is going to work on my hands and wrists. She says that my general muscle strength is not too bad for my age! :(:lol: She is going to try and get me hydrotherapy, but it is popular, so may have a wait.
It was great talking to someone who listened and seemed interested. She may ask for a blood test for RA, as my hands look more RA than OA. I had been very depressed, but she cheered me up and made me feel more positive, which is half the battle for me. Love Suexx

I've had a 'busy' time of it, but in a nice way. It was our Silver Wedding on Wed and my birthday on Friday, but we decided not to do too much or have a party as our families and friends are all over the country now, and my Niece in a care home, it seemed to difficult and stressful to arrange! But we did have a very expensive weekend away!


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    Happy to hear your physio is a good one. It really makes a difference when your health care team is sincerely on your side. Hear too often a bad experience with an uncaring professional. Do your physio a favour and refer other people to her/him for their care. While your waiting for your hydrotherapy treatment, try a home bath with epson salts in the evening before bed. Good Luck!
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    A note to the regulars: check the date of Sue's original post and who has replied. Seeing as how Sue lives / lived in Norfolk a reference to her fab physio is less than relevant to the majority, yes? Plus Epson Salts won't help seeing as how they don't exist :wink: - try the Epsom variety if you can still bathe. (I understand they also work as a soak for the bits one can soak without total immersion.) DD
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