Hi all, newby without a proper diagnosis "/

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Evening all,

I've been suffering lower back pain for many years but have finally got something done about it. When I was a teenager I also had problems with shoulder pain but that seemed to ease off so my main concern has been to get my back looked at. I've had many bouts of 'sciatica', that I now doubt was actually sciatica. About 18mths ago my GP ordered blood tests that came back with high ESR & CRP rates. Since then I've had about 6 tests that have all came back with the same result. I saw a physio who diagnosed SI joint dysfunction. I then had 2 seperate sets of x-rays, the latest focused on the SI joint as the 1st showed inflammation. I saw the Dr again today to get the results of the latest x-ray. He said I have inflammatory arthritis and has prescribed Naproxen and Omeprazole. He told me to go back in 2 weeks to see how I'm getting on with these tablets but he hasn't mentioned seeing a Rheumatologist or carrying out further tests. He said he couldn't be sure what type of arthritis it was but mentioned a few that he wasn't 'ruling out', one of these was AS and the other Reiters (I'd kinda blurred over at this point so didn't take note of the other's!) :roll:
Has anyone else been in a similar situation?
Any insight would be appreciated :D .

Many thanks


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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I am glad you have found us as we know our stuff. I am pleased that your GP was on the ball enough to order some blood tests but surprised that, given the continuing high readings, he hasn't referred you to a rheumatologist. He is doing the right thing in prescribing nap with omep, and I hope that the nap does have an effect on your inflammation levels, but I think that it's time for a rheumatologist to become involved as they tend to know more about these matters than GPs. The latter usually deal with osteo-arthritis and leave the inflammatory stuff (which is, in some respects, more complex in its cause and variety of treatments) to rheumatologists and I hope you are able to see one soon. I have both an inflammatory type, PsA (psoriatic arthritis), and OA so I am used to oscillating gently between my consultant and the GP. It took, however, many years for me to be diagnosed, five of being told there was nothing wrong, then a few trying to sort out what it was! Diagnosing an inflammatory arthritis is sometimes not that straightforward and it can be a frustrating process. I hope you are having a good week-end, it is sunny here in Suffolk! DD
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    Hi DD,

    Thanks for your reply, it's nice to hear from someone in the know. I feel happier knowing that the Doc is starting to get to bottom of things and that we at last have something to go on. He did go round the houses slightly I had to endure being poked and proded by allsorts before he conceeded to the idea that it may be a joint issue. He had me packed off for gynae tests and allsorts, at least I know that most of my other body bits are ok :lol: .
    When I go back in a couple of weeks I'll try to have a note of questions to ask this time to make some sense of what he's talking about.
    I'll let you know how I get on.
    The weather here in Shropshire is lovely (thank goodness for some resbite from the rain), I really need to mow my lawn but my body isn't as willing as my mind :wink:
    Speak soon, take care.
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    Hello again, I'm glad you came back to reply! Please look at the LWA part of the forum (Living with Arthritis) and please post there as I am sure you will garner more replies - more people look in on there than here. I was ignored for five years by one GP, and then lost more time being bounced between rheumatology and orthopaedics so polease stick to your guns about being referred. On here we recommend keeping a diary of pain, what helps or hinders, tiredness levels etc as that can give the GP better information about what has happened to you over a period of time. I look forward to seeing your name here and there. DD
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    Hey ho Jean

    lovely to meet you and am ashamed l am so late welcoming you :oops: and a few others. Life has been a bit mad lately.

    I am amongst the great undiagnosed myself.

    I have always had back issues too and had surgery 9 years ago :shock: Gosh that was a while back!

    Then l got joint pain in hips knees ankles feet etc etc. I do know I have inflammatory arthritis, but not which one. It gets called anything from RA to pallindromic arthritis, but l don't know :? .

    Anyway the issues are so similar that we can all help each other can't we? :)

    Lovely to meet you


    Toni xx

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