what might happen next?

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Hello- I am 44 yrs old and have no diagnosis but have finally started to get answers to my long term pain and stiffness. I saw a rheumatologist in March- though my bloods were normal as they always are, he did an xray which clearly showed cartilidge loss in my hips and knee. Then went for bloods again for ESR and CP- came back normal. Then had MRI. It is May and had no diagnsis yet but I called the secretary who said that the MRI showed moderate degeneration of hip (s?) and I was being refered to ortheopedic surgeon. Felt worried by this. Does anyone have a similar story? I have read up and think that I have RA sero negative (my 71 yr dad is treated for this) but there is no diagnosis of RA yet. I also have noticed a change in lasy year of other parts of my body. LOTS of clicking nd locking in my wrists ,ankles, and shoulders. How bad is moderate degeneration?Any one else got symptoms like these?