Help !!!! Can anyone help me with information on my 11yr old

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My name is Marie, and I wonder if anyone can help me with some information or guidance...

My eleven year old son has always suffered with aching limbs (he had HSP when a child and osteo mylitis 2 yrs ago) however about 2 months ago came home from football with what I thought was the normal aching limbs (most severe in Left Leg), however over the weekend things became worse and he was addmitted to hospital nothing discovered on MRI or bone scan was discharged and the Doctors thought it would settle down!!!

Now 2 months later we are still in absoulte agony cant sit down as leg is too painful (from hip to knee cap) and I noticed he now has two toes on both his feet (same toe on both sides) that are swollen, red and hot to the touch, on the joint.... I am concerned he is starting with arthritis.

We are due to go to a Pead this evening at Owestry hospital for them to look at him... am I just being stupid or with your experience of having a child with this condition should I be concerned that it is arthritis...

Any information or guidance would be very much appreciated

Thanks Marie :?:


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    Hi, it's nice to meet you. I don't have a child but yes, I think you are right to be concerned. Please make notes of all the trouble he has been having, what helps the pain or aggravates it, tiredness levels etc, as this will give the doctors a better snapshot of what is happening. Your poor lad - and poor you. Please let us know how you both get on, yes? DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    It sounds beverly much like arthritus but at the age of 18 myself, honestly don't be worried. It can be kept under control if it deffeantly is arthritus. I have had it from 5 and very much live a normal life with hospital appointments thrown in. There are plenty of people to help.

    Hope it all goes well and good luck xxx
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    I know that looking at your childs diet is a taboo subject and answer, but just keep a diary of what your child is eating and drinking and see if you can find a connection.

    You might like to look at soft drinks, some fruits, red meat except lamb, foods with chemicals in.

    I have serva RA and can switch on my pain because of what i eat.

    Worth a try, yes :roll:
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    I'd second what has already been said. Keep a general diary of symptoms and take pictures of the affected joints so you can show the Paed what they look like if the swelling has gone down by the time your Son sees them.

    Hope it goes well and that he gets some relief from the pain soon. Keep us updated.
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    Hi Marie
    One of my work colleagues has a 4 year old that got HSP about 3 months ago - MaryL mentioned diet (my Arthritis is exacerbated by food allergy too) and there are a lot of people linking HSP to cows milk. My mate has cut this down for his son and is currently doing well - I might ask him to post. Others on this forum are right that a diet option might not work for everyone but it costs nothing to try, Best wishes Sean (I have a 12 year old and 10 year old both with food allergies - severe peanut allergy + dairy and soya)
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    Hi Marie,

    Here is a link to a site that provide natural remedies for different ailments, they one that is specifically for Arthiritis it could be worth checking out, it seems to have a lot of good feedback just a thought also I know that having a training coach that specialises in Arthiritis is also a fantastic benefit and will help with reducing the pain and swelling that comes with arthritis

    [link deleted: a commercial site in USA promoting supplements to diet with no obvious medical evidence for this]