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I have just found you all. My aim is to come to terms with living with arthritis.
Living in Cornwall, where there seems to be no group activity and is a particulary damp county, cannot help! :)
I have this disease in my hands and one foot, which may not sound too bad, but I have had spinal troubles most of my life. I am now 75. Two surgical operations - fusion of the lower lumber vertibra in 1974 and 30 years later, an op for spinal stenosis. The latter wound became infected and resulted in a second op and three months in hospital.
I have been told that I probably have arthritis in my spine and since the recent foot diagnosis, which initiallly put me down considerably, I have resolved to learn to live with it.
This has entailed quite a lot of online research which has led me to be sure that I do have spinal arthritis. My doctor has confirmed that it is the same type of arthritis as in my foot, but I acnnot attach 100% to that because I caught him off guard with the question and he has nothing factual to base the diagnosis on.
I do hope that I haven't gone on too much

R :)
Best wishes



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    Hello, it's lovely to meet you and I am glad that you have found us. You live in a lovely county but it is somewhat deficient on the medical front when it comes to dealing with arthritis, as some other members on here can testify. And as for going on - not a bit, it's lovely to be given some background!

    I am 53 and am dealing with two sorts of arthritis, I have an auto-immune version called psoriatic arthritis and that has led to OA in my knees and ankles. I use crutches and a four-wheeled rollator to get around although I would prefer not! You sound as though you have had your trials and tribulations and I admire your spirit in coming to terms with this latest setback. We are a supportive and informative lot on here, and I look forward to seeing your name here and there. Right, I need a rest - I'm a tired girl, the house is all upside-down as we are having some work done in our kitchen and for some reason that's tiring! DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi i also live in cornwall welcome to the forum the support on here is second to none xx Jane
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    Hey royalist

    Lovely to meet you and sorry l am so late on to welcome you :oops:

    Cornwall? Cornwall did you say? There are at least 3 other folks from Cornwall on here so you are NOT alone :) It is a big county though so l wont suggest you start up your own support group :wink:

    I do hope this forum helps you as much as it has me and you feel less alone with it all.


    Toni xxx