Trapeziectomy - to go ahead or not to go ahead?!

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Hi - I'm new to the site and would value some feedback from folk who've had surgery on the thumb joint. I'm on a waiting list but still have a fair few questions.....for example, if the surgery doesn't produce the desired results, could you end up being worse off than before?....i.e in terms of pain and mobility?.....I have OA in both hands, but the left one is significantly worse.....thankfully am right currently trying a splint and hoping that I might not have to have surgery, but no significant improvement with the splint.....I was debilitated with ME for MANY years :-( but have thankfully made a full recovery :-) and am determined that the OA isn't going to cramp my style but am very nervous about surgery! (by the way am a 52 year old woman - just! birthday yesterday) .....that's probably enough to get started.....would be great to hear back from some of you out there - thankyou!


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    Hello devonian, it's lovely to meet you and I am pleased that you have found us. I cannot help on the thumb surgery front as I am more affected in other joints (although my hands hurt too) but I hope you post again on the Living With Arthritis part of the forum as more people look in on there and one or two may be able to help with your particular question. I look forward to seeing your name here and there and I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Devonian

    I too have very bad arthritic thumbs. I am 61 years old. Both thumbs look most unsightly at the base, being badly deformed. I do not get too much pain anymore but mobility is not that great - but I do cope ok still. Have you tried injections? They helped me in the past but I have not bothered lately. I never used a splint.

    I have heard that the op has a 70% - 80% success rate. I wish you all the very best should you decide to go ahead with the operation.

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    My mum had that op done to give her one good hand, and it was the best thing she did! She was 78 at the time and was kept awake for the procedure due to breathing problems. I think she was in plaster for 6 weeks & then had a splint, but it was a total success. It was weird seeing her able to move and use her thumb after it had laid across her palm for many many years.
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    Hi devonian

    l am so sorry l am late on welcoming you to the forums :oops: I wonder what you decided in the end.....70-80% success rate sounds good, but it has to be your choice.

    I think l have seen you somewhere else on here??


    Toni xxx