New job and sick pay.

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I'm due for another fusion in October.
I started a new job not long ago and was wondering how sick pay works, if I have only been there a few months.
As far as I am aware, I won't get any, am I right?

At least I've got a second job where I been for 7 years.


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    Hi Sailrib

    are you not entitled to supplimentry benefits (sorry for spelling) .

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    you need to have earned £107 on average over previous 8 weeks proven by your gross pay on payslips.

    you should have a contract explaining sick pay arrangements, it is often accumulated according to service which means in the first year most places would pay around 1 month full pay 1 month half pay....but not everyone i.e. small firms etc. also you could be subject to a probationary period.

    HMRC may be able to answer you more accurately.

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