Spinal Stenopsis

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My MRI/CT scans show this, along with other stuff. Are any of you the same if so what was the outcome, did you have surgury.This knowledge is new to me but the pain etc. is not new.


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    Hi Lululu,

    Thanks for your post to Helplines. If you are particularly interested in hearing people's experiences of surgery for spinal stenosis then it will be worth posting on the Living with arthritis forum.

    If you are interested in seeing more background information (in plain English!) then the books on back pain written by Dr John Tanner are inexpensive and very helpful - e.g. 'Your guide to back pain', or 'Better back'.

    Tanner is quite up beat about the success rates of surgery. A good option is to discuss your concerns with a physiotherapist who works with patients during their surgical recovery period (your GP can signpost you normally).

    If you'd like a pack of our information, please Private Message us your name and address.

    I hope that is helpful

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    Thanks Guy I will see what I can find.