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Some of you may already know that I'm an arthritic architect :) , accessibility and transport consultant
Not always a great pairing but I generally get by

I'm also passionate about making the public aware about architecture and how it affects our lives so can I urge you to go and look at the Love Architecture Festival (Google it) website which shows some of the events on in each area of the country celebrating architecture - with events for all ages from kids to those young at heart (and old at heart too!). It runs from the 15th to 24th of June nationwide.

Its organised by the Royal Institute of British Architects of which I am a member and has a variety of events; tours of buildings you don't usually get to see, pop up parks, lectures, exhibitions and London even has a architecture Roller Disco!

During this week there is also a scheme called Architect in the House running, in aid of the charity Shelter. For a suggested donation of £40 to Shelter you can get an hour's design consultation with a chartered architect - whether you want to use your time to explore ideas for re-organising your house, adding an extra loo downstairs, an extension, even a new house or you just want to get ideas on how to make your house more accessible or environmentally sound and energy efficient.

I am volunteering my time for this scheme this time as are many of my colleagues, we think it's a worthwhile event and last year it raised over £113,000 for Shelter. For more details either message me or google Architect in the House

hope you find something interesting in your area


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    Thank you for that information, I shall have a look and see what's going in round here. DD
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    Thanks for this, Chrissie. I checked out my area and would you believe there is a ‘Leeds Architecture & Beer Walking Trails’ event? That will do nicely for us :wink: .

    I know Scotland isn’t part of the festival but we were in the National Museum in Edinburgh last weekend and the architecture of the Grand Central Hall is amazing, beautiful and practical.
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    delboy wrote:
    There is some stunning architecture in Brum from Italinate factories to pristine Victorian pubs and they choose them what I said above. :?

    Too Right Del - there are some fabulous buildings. Spent a fair bit of last sat am in Birmingham Children's hospital - what a beautiful building!

    Thanks Chrissie :D


    Toni xxx